In some ways, our kids do not have a classic children’s video selection. Sure, there are the standard Disney movies. My daughter is just as much in love with the Disney Princesses as most girls her age. But we don’t have videos from their favorite shows. Instead, we have some that I think are a lot better.

A current favorite of my daughter’s is Faerie Tale Theatre. You’ll recognize a lot of the actors on this show – Robin Williams, Christopher Reeve, Susan Sarandon, Liza Minnelli and of course Shelley Duvall, who created the show.

She also loves watching The Muppet Show. We have season one on DVD. The way she reacts to The Muppet Show tells me a lot about what’s wrong with a lot of children’s television these days. They focus so much on counting as educational that children never get to laugh when they watch them. Ariel always laughs at the Muppets.

And I was quite excited when I checked on Amazon to see that season two is finally available for preorder! It’s coming out August 7, and I think I’m probably going to have to preorder it. We’ve been waiting!

Then again, we probably won’t give it to her until Christmas. So it’s not that urgent to me.

She’s also a serious fan of Animaniacs. Season three is just coming out there.

Don’t worry. She doesn’t watch that much TV every day. I just like to keep things a bit off the usual kid track for her in the video collection. And I think these will be outgrown much slower than Dora the Explorer videos.

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