Yes, I know, I’m talking nonsense. And if you don’t run a website you won’t understand much of this. In fact, if you do run a website you may not have come across this problem.

Basically, I was having a problem with PHP session IDs appearing in a few of my URLs. No idea why, and they didn’t come about in all directories.

I did some research and finally found out how to get rid of the dratted things. You see, having session IDs appear in your URLs is not nice to the search engines as they make it look like you have a bunch of duplicate content. Each session looks to be a new page to the search engines. Yes, it can get pretty ugly.

Anyhow, I found out how to get rid of that in a manner that is supposed to be secure. The guy who wrote the script is pretty reliable from what I understand. And fortunately this is something my host allows, which I don’t think all do.

Some ways the hardest part was working up the nerve to do it. I don’t like messing with my server settings. It’s risky and it could be a real mess if I didn’t know how to undo a mistake. Fortunately this one appears to have turned out well. Everything still seems to work just fine.

I hope this helps with any issues search engines may have with this site. I don’t think there are many, but this does explain to me why a certain section that had been generating the session IDs just did not seem to be getting any search engine traffic. It was probably annoying them!