Halloween is less than two weeks away. It’s time to hurry up and get the costumes and candy the rest of the way ready.

Are you doing anything for your home business with the holiday? Some people do.

Halloween can be a great time to meet the other parents in your area. It’s quick, and the kids won’t let them stay and talk for long when they have candy on their minds, but you can prepare for that.

One idea is to attach a business card to the candy you give out. You can use a bit of tape or staple it, being careful not to puncture the part of the wrapper where the candy actually is.

Another is to put business card and candy into little baggies. These can look cute and are a great way to control how many pieces go to each kid if you’re offering more than one piece per child.

You could also have something ready just for the parents. They probably won’t be interested in just a business card, but you could take any of the above ideas and have a special bowl for parents, keeping the plain treats for the kids.

Key, in my opinion, is to not overdo it. Don’t do adverting that takes away from the fun of the holiday. Everyone’s focus should be on having fun. But if you can get something to go home with them you may be able to pick up some new clients.