The eternal question of Mother’s Day… hectic or wonderful?

Mine is generally a combination of the two. We go to a family picnic with my husband’s extended family, which means we have to get going. It’s at the bay, and keeping up with the kids keeps us moving.

But it’s sure fun seeing the kids play with cousins of various degrees who they only see a few times a year.

Then it’s off to spend some time with my side of the family. That’s a bit more relaxed, being at my mother’s house, but I won’t necessarily say quiet.

Still, I’d call these pretty good Mother’s Day traditions. We don’t quite get to shove all the work off on the various dads, but they do have to make a little extra effort.

This year it will be the first chance for a lot of relatives on my husband’s side to meet baby Selene. In other words, I won’t be getting much peace at all! Not that there’s much peace to be had with a 3 month old even just sitting around the house. At least at family gatherings we can play “Pass the Baby” until she’s hungry.

So… how would you describe your typical Mother’s Day?