Yes, with Black Friday only days away, the Christmas season is almost at full swing. Get ready for Christmas music in all the stores not playing it already and even more crazed people shopping for that perfect gift.

My family has a pretty good handle on Christmas. I just finished handling my family’s name “draw” which isn’t so much a draw as me figuring out how to divide the names up fairly so that no one is having to spend more than a fair share and isn’t shopping for the same person year after year.

We have a lot of fun at Christmas. There’s a bit of competition we have sometimes with this elf and ladder set my mom has. We try to find the oddest way to assemble them. It started because we couldn’g find the pegs to assemble the three ladder pieces together.

Anyhow, now my husband and I have to decide how soon to put up our Christmas Decorations. It’s hard with small children, as you have to be concerned about whether or not they’re going to break the fragile ones or knock the entire tree down.

My husband is experimenting with painting the inside of some glass ornaments. He’s finding it a bit challenging, balancing making the paint fairly translucent with making it thick enough for the color to really show. Ariel is just fascinated, though.