Wow, oh wow, when I agreed to be interviewed about working at home, I had no idea that the article would be on such big sites.

If you tried to come here yesterday, you may have noticed that I got royally slammed. We’re talking site completely down and out for the count kind of slammed. Pay for a dedicated server kind of slammed.

Painful, but in such a good way.

I spent much of yesterday going nuts, trying to figure out how on earth I could get my site back up. I cut out many of the php includes that I have long used to make updating my site simpler, in an attempt to reduce file calls. It wasn’t enough.

Moving over to a dedicated server may or may not have been the perfect move, but it’s one that will let me keep going today, even if it didn’t solve the problem for yesterday.

By 10 a.m. my time, I was at about 65,000 visits. That’s better than 15x my usual busy days.

I’m keeping this server for a month at least, even though it’s more expensive. Time to see if I can get some serious traffic slamming my site again while I have the resources, right?

Okay, so the odds of that are pretty slim. But I can look more heavily at press releases and such, and see what I can do.

Yeah, it was interesting doing this while still unpacking from the move. Naturally I paid no attention to unpacking yesterday, and probably won’t today.

Today I’ll be too busy emailing all the helpful folks who told me that my site was down. So kind of them, and I hope they will still be interested in seeing the site now that it’s back up.

This is going to take a while…

And if you’re here because of the article, welcome! I hope you find some useful information. Wander around, and be sure to ask questions, either by using the contact form or by joining the forum and asking your fellow work at home parents and job seekers.