What a busy 4 days it has been! Up to Sacramento for my grandfather’s funeral (500 miles each way) and back home. The kids stayed with my inlaws so the trip was easier than it might have been but still ever so draining.

I was quite pleased to see my grandmother appearing to be coping fairly well. We’ve been expecting this for about two years now, as my grandfather came down with pneumonia three times over the past two years, but he finally died while more or less healthy, so it was a tiny bit unexpected.

I missed my kids tremendously while they were gone, and one of the things that made it harder was that my cousin’s daughter was there for the family gathering (not for the funeral). She’s just days older than Ariel, and they look a ridiculous amount alike, especially out of the corner of the eye. Both have brown, curly hair of about the same length. Ariel’s hair is just a touch lighter in color and has a little less curl to it. But I know it was best to leave my kids with their grandparents so they didn’t have to deal with things they don’t understand yet. It was hard enough on my 11 year old niece, who did choose to come.

I miss Grandpa Ken, but I know he’s no longer in pain and in a better place.