How Do You Deal With People Who Assume All Work at Home Is a Scam?

The main stereotype about work at home jobs is that they’re scams. There’s good reason for this stereotype. Too many work at home opportunities of all sorts are scams. They’re far more numerous than the legitimate opportunities. This reputation becomes a problem when you start working a legitimate work at home job and everyone either assumes you’re being scammed or that you’re scamming other people. It gets old fast.

You will have to deal with people who greet your new job with a great deal of skepticism. You may not be able to cure their skepticism with anything so simple as getting your first paycheck or even working for years successfully at it. Some people are really resistant to the idea that anyone can make a legitimate living from home.

Ask Them Why

If someone keeps insisting that you’re either scamming or being scammed, ask them why they think that way. Odds are they don’t really understand what you’re doing. Sometimes you can address their specific concerns. Not everyone is going to listen or be convinced, but if you understand their side better you might be able to help them see your side.

Compare Your Work to Similar Work Outside the Home

When you talk about your work, odds are you can compare it to work other people would do from an office away from home. Work at home jobs don’t require skills that can only be used from home. Think about how you can make the work make sense to people stuck on the “at home” or “what if it’s a scam?” parts.

Talk About Your Day

Many people who work at home work as hard or harder as people in similar jobs outside the home. It’s tough balancing your home life and your job all in one building. The more ┬áit sounds like regular work, the more familiar it may be to the skeptics.

Know That You Can’t Convince Everyone

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to convince some people that you aren’t falling for or participating in a scam, some people will never believe that your work at home job is legitimate. You have better ways to use your time than to argue the point.

You don’t have to tolerate it if they get insulting about it, of course. Focus your attention on the others around you and see if they get it. You don’t have to convince everyone, so long as you get some people who support what you’re doing and don’t act as though you’re a sucker or a criminal for the work you do.

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1 Response

  1. Angie says:

    It took a long time for some people to realize I wasn’t working some pyramid scheme. I had to just let it go after a while and let them figure it out on their own. They did eventually.