Just listening to the news tonight, and they were saying that economists say the government has no more than two months to act to improve the economy. Inflation recently hit a 17 year high.

saving money

That doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve been watching food prices go up and up. I’ve had to revise my ‘buy’ prices for some foods. Unemployment is an issue too. Things are serious enough that more people are talking about it.

I’ve been working on cutting our food bills as best I can. I’m so glad that we garden, although right now there’s no produce on the immediate horizon. But if things are still bad over the summer it could be a big help.

One of my key things to do is to keep good track of what foods cost at different stores. I get much of my produce at my local Henry’s (kind of like Whole Foods, but smaller and recently purchased by them). They generally have better prices on produce than the other local grocery stores. They also sell things like rice in bulk bins, and that price is often, but not always, better than the prebagged stuff at other stores.

I also know which items are cheaper at Target or Walmart, although Walmart really isn’t a favorite.

The price changes have simply made me see how much my family needs to earn more money. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m determined that one way or another we will earn more so we can get by better. I’m no fan of barely scraping by.

I really hope I can finally successfully ramp up my online business. It’s hard because my son is at an age where he wants more of my time, not less, and I can’t turn him down too much. Not fair to him. With my daughter in school half the day it’s no wonder he’s lonely.

Is the economy impacting your family? Any tricks you use to cope?