One of the challenges of working at home is talking about it with people who aren’t familiar with what you do. Many just won’t understand what you do, and will assume that any sort of work at home job or home business is a scam. They’re all scams, right?

I can’t tell how many times I’ve had people assume that I’m being scammed or not making any money at all when I talk about working at home. Even when I was a medical transcriptionist, many had the illusion that it must be some sort of scam. No one could possibly get paid for any sort of work at home unless it’s daycare or something, right?

Anyone who has worked at home successfully knows better than that. Sure, there are scams, but not everything home based is a scam.

It gets worse if you earn money as an affiliate marketer or blogger, or do something else that many people aren’t aware of. Telling them what you do may just confuse some people.

How you discuss your work depends on how you want to handle thing with that particular person. Those who are already familiar with your work and understand that it’s legitimate can probably discuss your work with you just as you’d discuss someone’s outside the home job. The gripes, the delights, that kind of thing.

The hardest to talk to are often those least comfortable with technology. Someone who isn’t comfortable with computers isn’t going to have as easy a time understanding how you can make money online. It’s all too strange to them sometimes.

You can always define your work in ways they’ll understand. An affiliate marketer can be in sales. A blogger is a writer. You can go into more detail with those who are interested, while those just going for the generic response will be content.

Be ready to face those who want more details than you want to reveal. I’ve explained to many people that I usually don’t go into great detail about my websites without reason. I’ll gladly discuss options for that person if they want to start something of their own. My work I only share so much information. I just tend to be private that way. If they are or know a likely customer on the other hand… some of my sites get mentioned quite often.

Sometimes it’s fun to joke about what you do. You can define your work in terms of the little things you do, such as petting the cat or watching television. These aren’t my favorites, as it belittles the hard work involved in working at home, but it can be fun with the right person.

I most enjoy discussing what I do with people who get it, of course. It’s better yet when things are going well. I’ve inspired a number of family members to start online businesses just from my experiences. Most haven’t stuck with it, but that’s beside the point. It’s fun talking about what you do when it’s going well, especially if it’s better than most of the traditional jobs around you.

Don’t let the frustration with those who misunderstand your work spoil the fun of the various gatherings and events you attend. Most really do mean well, even if they don’t get what you do. You can always change the subject when you’re done talking about what you do.

How do you explain what you do?