Talking about your home business is an old marketing technique, but a good one if you enjoy it. It’s decidedly not for everyone. It’s generally not for me in the sense of going around talking to just anyone about my business and trying to get sales.

But I do sometimes talk to people about what it is that I do.

You’re not likely to build a huge downline in a network marketing program this way. You’re not likely to make huge numbers of sales doing it. But it can help.

My personal preference is to just talk about my business or things I’m promoting in casual conversation. No actual sales pitch.

I generally don’t get an immediate, interested response. But I do get a lot of people who long to work at home, and if it’s a true wish, and something that I said interests them, eventually they’ll come to me for more information.

I go about it more as a “what I do” kind of thing rather than “wanna buy?” It’s really amazing the response I can get. People talk about work all the time. That mine is different and has potential for being at home gets a lot of attention.

In some ways it’s like forum marketing. I’m being the expert while keeping on topics that people want to talk about. I’m not a walking, talking, blatant advertisement. I’m me.

It’s really important to not be tiresome when you talk about your home business. Overdoing the promotion is a great way to teach friends and family to avoid you.

The Elevator Pitch

If you’re telling someone about your business in a more direct manner, having what is commonly called an elevator pitch is very useful.

The elevator pitch means that you can tell someone about your business in just a few seconds. What’s the best way to sum up what you do?

Use your elevator pitch if you’re trying for a customer or client. You’re trying to build interest directly. Your pitch should explain what your product or service is, the benefits to the person you’re talking to, who you and/or your company are and what makes you stand out. It should take less than a minute to deliver your elevator pitch.

This is not a major marketing technique for me. It’s more of an incidental one. More social people can make more of it than I do. If you go to a lot of conventions or business events you will need to be prepared to talk to people about what you do, and hopefully to impress them.