I Survived AVG Removal Hell

This is a battle that started last night. It was time to get rid of AVG Free and replace it with Avast. My reasons were simple: They’ve gone to a mostly paid version. It’s poorly reviewed by users.

What I didn’t anticipate was the sheer torture AVG would put me through in trying to uninstall it. You see, the usual routine of uninstalling through the “Add or Remove Programs” screen didn’t work. Not only didn’t it work, it froze up my computer so badly it wouldn’t even shut down when I told it to after canceling the frozen uninstall. I had to use the power button.

But I did it. I triumphed on the field of battle… err, successfully uninstalled AVG in safe mode. This after trying to figure out what to do with a partial uninstall that wouldn’t successfully let me reinstall it or complete the uninstall.

So far so good with Avast. It comes very well recommended and is still free. That certainly works for my budget! The one challenge was the big scan it does on the restart after install… about an hour and a half to two hours, I would guess. I didn’t time it.

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