It’s so good to be back home. I spent a lot of today just being with my kids… not easy when it came to Ariel since she had preschool this morning and then a ballet class that her grandmother takes her to in the afternoon. I only had a little time with her today.

Gage needed the time more anyhow. This was his first time away from us for more than a single night, so being away from home for three nights and most of all four days was pretty hard on him. My inlaws say he coped pretty well up until he realized that they had brought him home.

But I took extra time playing with him and reading to him. He woke up crying more than usual during his nap, then went to sleep again just fine. So far tonight he’s sleeping well.

Ariel comes home again tomorrow in the early afternoon, after I’m done with Gage’s gymnastics class. Felt bad having her spend another night with her grandparents after so long away from me, but she didn’t seem to mind. Heck, I probably mind more than she does.