I'm Going to Get Adjusted to Having 3 Kids! Really! I Am!

What can I say? It’s quite an adjustment having a baby around here again. It’s just so easy to forget just how much work a newborn is.

Good thing Selene is so darn cute. And sweet. And hungry.

Is she ever hungry! My biggest adjustment right now is probably just how much time I’m spending each day feeding her. It’s tiring but really in a good way. Although if you ask me that around 4 a.m. I might disagree. But that’s just the sleepy speaking.

Between her and my son, there’s very little time for working. Things can actually be better when my oldest daughter gets home if she and my son want to play. They might just ignore me for 1-2 hours! And if I’m really lucky the baby will sleep that whole time.

If I’m not careful, so will I.

Now that I’m more recovered, though, I’m not sleeping quite so much during the day and I’m actually occasionally getting some work done. But it can still be a struggle to get so much as a single blog post done, never mind the two I would like to get done, so I can post on more than one of my sites.

There’s all the extra laundry, of course. We’re cloth diapering this time around, so there’s a decided difference. Plus the older two have rediscovered the delights of digging in the dirt and adding in water to make it mud. Great pictures to laugh at later, but I have to be a bit picky now about the clothes they play outside in. I’m trying to limit the number of outfits stained.

Having 3 kids is getting to be fun again. I’m no longer so exhausted that I feel too worn out to appreciate what I have. Selene is getting awfully cute with those smiles.

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2 Responses

  1. You sound happy! That’s great. I think you should go easy on yourself for a few more weeks. Work can wait a little bit longer.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I am having fun, but I always start going a little nuts when I feel like I’m not getting enough done with my business. It’s fun too and with everything I want to accomplish this year, anything that feels like sitting still or kicking back starts to get to me after a while.

    I also see it a bit as most people are lucky to get 6 weeks off after a pregnancy. Selene is 7.5 weeks now, and I think I’m ready to do a bit more. Not a full schedule or anything… gotta take SOME advantage of being at home!