But it’s just so typical. I read over at Blogging Baby that MySpace considers breastfeeding pictures too sexy and removes them regularly.

If you read this blog much, you know that I’m a huge fan of breastfeeding, having done so for both of my children, and over a year for each one. And yes, I breastfed in public at need. It’s easy to be discreet.

I have a MySpace profile, even though I don’t make much use of it really. You hear all about the sexy pictures people put up, and I suppose that’s why MySpace is a little paranoid about things like breastfeeding pictures. But there are far more revealing and provocative pictures that do seem to stick around.

I don’t think most people find breastfeeding sexy at all. It’s functional. Yes, there may be a little more breast shown than usual, but it’s not half so sexual as some of the poses that can easily be found on MySpace.

Yes, I do know that some women are rather more revealing than others when breastfeeding. I know that I was always as careful as my babies would let me be about keeping things covered, but other women do show more. But if the deleted images are more or less decent, where is the problem?

There’s an online petition on this topic, if you would care to sign it. 6711 signatures as of this writing and counting…

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