Is DataEntryBucks a Scam?

Oh, for life online to be so easy! Earn $200-500  a day doing data entry! It just. sounds. so. easy.

Yeah, I don’t trust it. And I’ll tell you why.

First and foremost, they aren’t offering a data entry job. They’re talking about affiliate marketing. The two are not related. What these guys are really offering is pay per click affiliate marketing, more likely than not.

Now, pay per click affiliate marketing is legitimate. Take my advice, though, and learn it from someone with a solid reputation such as Perry Marshall. You’ll be much better off than if you buy information from someone who doesn’t even admit the difference between data entry and affiliate marketing.

You know you’re not that dumb but they sure think you are.

Other Problem Signs

It’s more than just that I can tell at a glance some of what they’re talking about. There are other scam signs too.

They’re being a little smart and saying that the cost is to let you know about companies you can work for. But do you really think you’re getting paid hundreds of dollars to fill out 4-5 lines of information for companies?

That’s not what’s happening. You’re taking more of a risk than just a few moments to fill out a little information. The financial risk to pay per click marketing is huge. You are paying, as they say, per click, whether or not the person buys. That gets expensive if you haven’t mastered it, and not everyone will.

Do you really think that there are jobs where employers will not turn you down? They’re promising that none of their “employers” will turn you down.

There’s a good reason for that part. They aren’t employers. They’re businesses selling electronic products such as ebooks through Clickbank. They don’t screen affiliates (NOT employees!), that’s Clickbank’s job.

And then there’s that cute little tidbit about having only 4 spaces left. I don’t expect that number to change. I’ve seen this site a few times and it never does. If they still have 4 spaces left, they’re lousy at filling them. It’s just a trick to make you feel as though you have to hurry.

You don’t. You can get what I think are better products elsewhere.

What If You Want to Do Data Entry?

I have to admit, I find it a little amusing that one of their bonuses is a list they say is of traditional data entry jobs, of the sort that likely pay by hour they say. Even they know that a lot of people coming to their site are looking for real data entry work at home jobs, not a business.

You don’t need to pay them for that. I have a free list of data entry work at home jobs for you right on this site. Why buy one?

Does This Mean Affiliate Marketing is a Scam?

One of the things I dislike about this kind of scam is how strongly it associates with affiliate marketing. Gives a good industry a bad name.

Are there scuzzy, scammy affiliates? You’d better believe it! Too many work in the work at home/home business field, as it’s prime for people losing their heads and not doing their due diligence.

That doesn’t make the industry bad. It makes those people and their particular businesses bad.

If you want to learn it, do so! Go for Perry Marshall’s AdWords Guide if it’s pay per click you want to do. Go for Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook for a different style of affiliate marketing. Just go for it and keep it honest.

Are those affiliate links?

You’d better believe it. But they’re to products I trust, ones that don’t try to pretend to be jobs. Or even all that easy, for all some people do brilliantly at them.

Just always remember the difference between work at home jobs and home businesses, and understand the risks you take.

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