I’m not homeschooling my kids, but my sister is. Today I read an article that I had to immediately forward on to her. It seems California may be clamping down on its rule that only a credentialed teacher can teach the kids.


The family involved is doing something that is much like what my sister and her husband are doing with their kids, as I understand it. They’re registered with a charter school, but teach the kids on their own at home.

California does not consider parents to have a constitutional right to homeschool.

I’m not a homeschooler, but I find that ridiculous. Homeschooling is a great option for many families. I don’t care if it’s for religious reasons, if you don’t like the schools in your area, or if it’s just your preference, I think parents should be able to decide how their kids are taught. So long as they do receive a decent education, it shouldn’t matter to the state how it’s accomplished.

And yes, I know the quality can be the big issue.

Obviously it’s very important for parents in California to be aware of this one. While they’re saying the law hasn’t actually been changed, a precedent has certainly been set that the kind of homeschooling many parents do here in California as a workaround may not comply with the law after all. Which really sucks.