Why is it that I have such trouble getting creative at lunchtime? I have all kinds of recipes for dinner, while breakfast I just stick with the standards. But lunch is a challenge.

I get bored with it. I don’t like just making melted cheese sandwiches, mac n’ cheese, defrosting chicken nuggets, cooking hot dogs and other such things every day. I have an additional challenge in that my daughter, like me, does not like peanut butter, so there goes one lunchtime staple.

I think a lot of it has to do with the habit of eating out at lunchtime. Just think about it. As you go through school, you eat lunch there, whether it be purchased at school or you bring something from home. When you get a job, you probably are there at lunchtime, so once again you bring or buy something.

But when you’re a stay at home parent, you have to make lunch every day, and suddenly the standard sandwich doesn’t seem to be good enough for every day. It gets boring.

Easy lunch recipes is one of my targets to research over these next few weeks. It’s not a meal I like to spend a lot of time on making; in fact, leftovers from the previous night’s dinner are quite common for me while the kids eat something else. I know I’ve seen lots of great lunch ideas out there, but I never really took the time to note them and bring them into the regular rotation.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a boring lunch. Nothing wrong at all with eating a sandwich for lunch every day, especially if you can vary what’s inside it. But it sure is nice to be able to change things around every here and there and make something you don’t make every day.

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