Is Posting Your Resume on Job Boards a Good Way to Find a Work at Home Job?

One way to get more eyes on your resume is to post it on job boards on sites such as Indeed. Employers can search these boards and see if any job seekers have the skills they’re looking for in an employer. Getting a job offer for a work at home job that you didn’t even know about sounds pretty good.

It is pretty good. Just make sure you give the job offer the same review you would any opportunity you find on your own. Sometimes what you’re being offered is the chance to participate in a work at home scam. Legitimate work at home jobs usually don’t go searching for employees this way.

One of the classic scams you may get without actually applying for the job disguises itself as a mystery shopping job. They send you a cashier’s check or money order for several hundred to a few thousand dollars and tell you your job is to cash it, maybe spend some of it, keep part for yourself and send the rest back to them. The check or money order is fraudulent, and you’re responsible to your bank for the entire amount.

That’s not the only scam out there by a long shot, but it’s useful to emphasize the need to investigate all work at home opportunities. It’s too easy to fall for a scam when you’re online.

Also keep in mind that unless your skills are a bit hard to get for employers, most will be overwhelmed with applications if they just post the job. You cannot rely on anything as passive as waiting for an employer to discover your resume. You have to do more.

Certainly, go ahead and post your resume on the off chance it does you some good. It’s not impossible. Just don’t assume that you’ll get a job that way and keep working on your job hunt.

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