Jewelry Designer – Weekly Home Business Idea

Do you love jewelry? Spend too much at the craft store making up designs of your own? This is something you could turn into a business.

Skills Required

If you already make jewelry as a hobby, you have the basic skills required to create jewelry for a business. You may have to learn how to do your work more quickly.

You will also need to learn how to run your business. You’ll need to figure out details such as pricing, marketing and where to sell your finished jewelry.

Common Expenses

Any business where you have a physical inventory is going to have expenses related to that inventory. That’s supplies, tools and packaging.

You may choose to sell at craft fairs, and have the expenses associated with renting a table and displaying your merchandise. You may choose to set up your own site to sell your jewelry, which means hosting, domain name and credit card processing fees, and possibly shopping cart software. You may choose to sell on Etsy or eBay and pay the associated fees for those sites.

Possible Income Streams

The main way you will earn money is from creating and selling your jewelry. However, you could also earn by teaching other people how to make jewelry, either as in-person classes or by writing an ebook.

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