Keeping Christmas Spending Under Control

christmas shopping

Christmas is an expensive time of year for many people. There are just so many things most parents want to get for their kids… or at least that’s how it works for my husband and I.

This year I think I’ve come up with a way to help ensure that we don’t both shop and end up overspending. We’re going to go to and agree on what we want to get the kids. Depending on pricing we may just buy it all there, saving us the trouble of shopping for them locally. But if we know we can do better locally, we won’t.

I like this idea because you can often get free shipping. Add the no running around bit to this, and the lack of crowds, and it’s a pretty nice deal. Especially since Amazon generally has good prices.

Agreeing on what to buy is going to be tough. We have some things we’ve agreed upon already, but figuring out the last things may be a bit more challenging. And of course seeing the total as one number instead of individual receipts may cause a touch of sticker shock. But better before buying than when reading the credit card bill, right?

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