We’re heading out to a cousin’s birthday party today. It’s for a one year old girl, and shopping for her present the other day got me thinking about kids and birthday presents.

First of all, it can be hard shopping for someone else’s kid, especially when you know it’s the second child and they already have tons of toys. I’m no fan of clutter, despite its constant presence in my life, and I don’t expect other parents to like it any better.

We finally chose a stuffed animal as a gift (don’t worry, a one year old can’t read this blog, and I don’t believe her parents do either, even if they had time today). Kept in the trunk of my car so that my kids wouldn’t see it, especially my son. You know how fast a 20 month old can fall in love with a stuffed animal!

It’s so hard for young children to understand about birthday presents. All they see is a toy they’d like to play with but can’t have for some unknown reason. Giving a toy to another child is pretty foreign to young children.

Now I need to figure out if one of my gift bags is big enough for this thing. Otherwise I have to risk bringing it into the house to wrap it.

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