I’ve finally done it. Talked my oldest daughter into working on a website with me. I don’t know what topic she’ll want or if she wants a new domain name or anything yet. Just that she wants to do some of what I do.

I’ve had a website up for her for several years now. Once in a blue moon she’ll agree to do something with it, but for the most part it has just been about the links to the sites she likes to play games on.

So how did I talk her into this?

Kind of her teacher’s fault, really. She came home last week with a homework assignment to make a resolution for 2010 at home. We discussed a variety of options, such as not chewing her hair, practicing her karate more, but the one that got her attention was learning to make a website.

Her in school resolution is to pay more attention in class. I hope that one works too.

Now it’s just a matter of getting her to sit down with me and make a start. Figure out what it is she wants to do.

She has quite the entrepreneurial spirit, if no sense yet for what people will buy. She made up a bunch of  “contracts” the other day, for example. They say “Contract” at the top, then she drew a bunch of lines, then “Sign here” at the bottom. She wants to set a stand up out front and sell them. I don’t know what she’s planning on charging.

Am I raising a lawyer here?

Of course, any website she runs will be subject to a lot of rules. She’s only 7, after all.

I have no idea if she’s looking to make money online or if she just wants to do things for the fun of it. She’s talked about wanting to make money like I do before, but not recently so it’s hard to say what’s going through her mind at this moment. But it would be fun for her to make something she could keep going as she grows up.

She has a long weekend coming up, and while a part of it will be with grandparents, I think I’ll try to snag some of her time to work on starting on her resolution. I now have a good reason to push her a little on this and get her past the talk. And that’s half the struggle.