It’s the Little Things in Life… and Business That Make All the Difference

It’s true that the little things in life make a big difference. It’s often true in business too, which is why you hear about 20% of your efforts bringing in 80% of the reward. It’s also true that a small percentage of what you do probably causes the largest part of the headache of running a business.

In life and business, you need to know which little things are worth the effort, and which are causing most of your problems.

The Little Things in Life

Just think about the little things you do that make your life pleasant. It can be as simple as a bit of quiet time to read a book, or a quick game of tag with the kids. These are things that don’t take much of your time or money, but add tremendously to how satisfied you are with your life.

Little things can make your life more difficult even when they’re little pleasures. There’s the classic example of the cost of going to the coffee shop rather than making coffee at home. For many, getting a coffee at a shop feels much better than making it at home, but it takes a larger piece out of your budget to buy that coffee. When a budget is tight that matters, even if you don’t notice the pinch at that moment.

Other little things in life add up too, for good and ill. Pay attention and you might figure out which little things need to be cut, and which you need to enjoy more.

The Little Things in Business

When you have a home business, a lot of little things add up to either success or failure. There are many things you need to get done, and many ways to do them.

Some little things are absolutely important to get done, but you don’t need to do them yourself. It’s better for your business to outsource them so that you can focus on the things that need your attention. This is a way to give yourself more time for the more important things in your business and life.

You really want to know which little things do the most for your business, so that you don’t neglect them.

Sometimes you’ll find that the little thing that does the most for you isn’t the thing you most enjoy working on. Other times it will be a favorite. No matter how you feel about it, when a detail is important to your business, you need to know it and work with it.

Do your best to limit the things that take up the time you can’t afford to spend on them. If you have customers, sometimes that means firing the customer. If you blog and there’s a type of post you write that doesn’t get the right response, rethink writing that kind of post. If there’s a product you love to offer but no one buys, it’s either not worth the trouble or you aren’t offering it in the right way or to the right audience.

Details matter in business. It’s up to you to find the ones that matter in the best ways and the worst ways and handle them appropriately.

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