One of my least favorite chores has to be mopping. In part, it’s a pain to do with kids around. Any parent knows how easy it’s not to keep them off damp floors no matter how many reminders you give.

Not to mention the immediate increase in sticky spills once the floor dries. How do kids do that anyhow?

For Christmas, my husband said he was going to get me a steam mop. I’ve been hearing a lot good about them, and even if the floor does stay damp, the job sounds easier. And no chemicals, which is a very nice bonus, although I mostly use homemade cleansers anyhow.

He hasn’t bought one yet. Didn’t get around to researching them in time. But at least he admits he still owes me one.

Late doesn’t bother me that much. It would have been nice if he had found the time, but his work hours suck, and he only has a little computer time in the mornings where I’m not at my computer right next to him.

I finally went to Amazon and emailed my results over to him. Started out with steam mops, but then I discovered more general steam cleaners! And if anything is more of a pain to do than mopping, it has to be scrubbing the bathtub, which these may be able to handle in addition!

They cost a bit more, but really not that much.

I suspect for mopping they will be more difficult than the plain steam mops. That’s just the feeling I get looking them over. But I really like the extra uses.

I have to admit, these first got my attention as housework started to fall behind as this pregnancy got moving and I started having severe hip pains. You try scrubbing and mopping when you don’t even want to walk, and see how quickly you get interested in tools that make it simpler!

I’m pretty much torn between the McCulloch MC-1275 and the Wagner Spray Tech 282004. Both look to be more powerful than I hope to need, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. My husband first thought the Wagner was just for wallpaper removal, until I pointed out the accessories. These things are just plain flexible for cleaning, and I like that.

My one concern is of course durability. They aren’t worth it to me if they don’t last years and years. I hate replacing appliances of any sort.

Have any of you tried any sort of steam cleaner or steam mop? How do you like them?