Blowing bubbles is a lot of fun for kids, but you can get them to be creative about it too. The materials you use will depend on the age of the kids, as some require more strength and dexterity than others.

1. Make bubble wands with pipe cleaners.

If your kids are like mine about crafts, you have these on hand. Two can be twisted together for larger wands, with a third making the handle. These are fairly easy to shape so even younger kids can be pretty creative with them.

2. Make bubble wands with wire coat hangers.

Yes, a way to get rid of any wire coat hangers you have tangling up with each other in the closet! These are harder to bend, but the bubble wand will therefore last much longer. You may need to get out the needle nose pliers or other basic tools to really get a good shape.

3. Rope bubble wands.

Tie a light rope to the end of a stick. Soak a bit in the bubble solution and have the kids run to make it open up and blow bubbles.

Alternatively, you can tie one end of the rope to each end of the stick so that it stays open. I’ve seen this in a children’s museum, and it’s fun for the kids to try to blow big bubbles out of it.

4. Anything around the house with holes in it.

At least that you’re willing to allow to get wet and soapy. Funnels are good. I’ve seen some people suggest fly swatters for lots of little bubbles – just make sure the kids aren’t putting their mouth on it to blow. Go through your kitchen and see what might work.