I finally reached payday on the first posts I did through PayPerPost. Logged into PayPal this morning, and there the money was. Very cool.

I haven’t been the busiest of bloggers for PayPerPost, probably averaging under two posts a day, and skipping any days where I didn’t see any posts I felt like doing. But I’m having lots of fun doing the ones that do interest me, and I’ve done more than $300 worth of posts so far. Not bad for a little side income, even if it’s not a living.

I may well do better in the months to come. I’ve added more blogs to my account, which gives me more flexibility as to the posts I take, as well as to the number of posts I do. Normally you can do up to 3 posts per blog per day, although just now the limit is 2. That should be lifted soon. I’m trying to keep every post relevant to the blog, so most my others really don’t get a lot of paid posts as they aren’t so flexible in topic as this one is.

I have to admit, if you have a blog that meets the requirements this is one of the easiest ways I’ve seen to earn money online. The basics are that your blog must be at least 90 days old with at least 20 posts… check the PayPerPost site for more specific rules, and if you join, don’t forget to tell them info@ aspectsofdesign.com sent you.