Well, that sure taught me! It’s just a beautiful day here in the San Diego area today, so I decided to take the kids to the playground for lunch. Bad, bad, bad idea when it comes to bringing a toddler along.

Gage was just plain cranky. Now, he’s just about to turn 2 years old, and has symptoms of terrible twodom already. So I really should have known better than to try something we’ve done successfully before. 😆

We sit down at the picnic table near the playground to eat. Gage of course sees it and there goes his interest in lunch. But he doesn’t just want to go play, he wants me to come with him. Never mind that he plays on even more challenging playground equipment three times a week at his sister’s preschool. It’s a new place and he NEEDS Mommy!

So no, he didn’t eat much lunch while we were there.

On the other hand, Ariel made me crack up. There were some maintenance guys there emptying trash cans. Ariel looks at one and says “He’s handsome. I wonder who he’s going to marry?”

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