I’ve written about being protective of your kids when they’re online. There are lots of dangers in the sites older children love to visit most, such as MySpace or even in their email. Monitoring their usage is vital.

However, you can’t be standing behind them every second, and that’s where a quality software solution comes in handy. Today I read about one I hadn’t heard of before.

SpectorSoft has a software that can help. It can be used for Myspace tracking and other online activities. You can have it alert you to the usage of certain keywords or phrases, so that even if it happens in IM, chat, email or MySpace you’ll know about it.

This is not a filtering program. It’s not meant to keep your kids away from a particular site. Instead it focuses on actual activity.

I haven’t tested this one myself, as my oldest is only 4 years old and uses the computer right next to me. But what impresses me is that this software was chosen by PC Magazine’s editors for their Editor’s Choice.

If your children are old enough to be surfing the internet on their own, I encourage you to do your own research and use at least one software solution to keep track of what they’re doing. It’s for their safety and your peace of mind. But remember these tools only work if you make proper use of them.