Thought it was time for another update since it has been a few weeks since I talked about how things are going with just one car.

It’s actually still going quite well. With my son’s upcoming birthday I can think of some times when I would love to be able to run errands more freely, but once again it’s just a matter of better planning. I have to think about what I need in advance.

One night this week I know I’m going to have to head out to do the shopping for the party. I have to check my paper plate supply, plastic silverware, etc., as well as figure out what food we need. And of course I have to get cake mix since I always bake at home. Then the birthday boy gets to help me decorate the cake, always an interesting and tasty experience for a two year old.

We’ve had some fun. Went to the train museum with my mother (she drove, obviously), so the kids got some special time with Grandma. My inlaws are getting used to the fact that it takes us a bit longer to get up there if they have the kids and want us to pick up, as it can only be when my husband is off work.

The change in bills is of course more subtle. I hardly notice it unless I think about it, as the insurance payments are automatic. And when you don’t buy gas you don’t really realize that you aren’t buying gas.

Overall it’s going well.

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