Organizing Your Home Office

Clutter happens. For most people it’s a constant battle to keep their lives from getting too cluttered, and when you work at home you have all too much time to create clutter and what seems like too little time to take care of it.

Planning ahead can be a big help. If you have a place for everything that belongs in your home office, it is only a matter of building good habits to decrease your clutter. Putting things where they belong immediately is a good first step.

But first you have to break free of clutter. This means setting aside the time to take care of it. Don’t do a halfway job – you’ll just have to repeat it later. Take the time to plan things out first. Figure out where your problem areas are and how you can solve the problems.

Try organizing things by the task they belong to. If everything for a particular task is in one place, you’ll have a much easier time taking care of things. You want everything to be easy to get at later, not just easy to put away.

Be logical when you’re filing your papers. Certainly you can go the old route of filing things alphabetically, but might it be easier to file by category? Financial, family, insurance, taxes and so forth?

You don’t have to finish organizing your home office in a single day. You should, however, try to do it fairly quickly so that you don’t get frustrated and quit using the system you’ve already developed.

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