Today’s the introduction to the blog trip and for those who are following it, an introduction to me and my site. I live in Poway, CA, which is near San Diego. It’s a pretty quiet area, but we like it. We get some hiking done at some nearby fields, which my two kids think is a real treat.

4 months pregnant

For those who are new here, I’m expecting #3 right now, due February 3, 2009. It means we have to be a bit more careful on hikes since our usual path has some spots where it would be easy to fall, but we get around that by going into the fields a different way.

Poway’s a quiet area, but living near San Diego means there’s plenty to do. We have passes that we haven’t taken nearly enough advantage of this year to go to the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park.

Working at home can be pretty hectic, especially as everyone gets used to new schedules. In the past few weeks my husband has started a new job after being laid off in January, my daughter has started 1st grade, and my son’s speech therapy through the school district has started back up. Add in planning for a surprise baby, and getting actual work done is pretty tough some days. But somehow it all comes together most days.