Today’s topic is shopping, and that’s actually something I do as little as possible of. I’m not into wandering malls or stores, except on rare occasions with one of my sisters, and the goal is generally just talking. Well, maybe finding something specific that one of us is after. And eating some lunch.

I do like that in my area I can efficiently shop 3 grocery stores. We have a Vons, Henry’s and Stater Bros. all very close together. Two share a parking lot, and the third is just across the street from the other two. Makes it easy doing comparison shopping. About all I buy from Vons is their loss leaders, though. Overall their prices tend to be higher. It’s a real treat to be able to shop multiple stores with so little driving, though.

The San Diego area in general does have some interesting malls. Seaport Village probably has the most unusual shops, while Horton Plaza has the most interesting design. It’s a bit confusing to figure out which level is which there at times, but it does stand out from your typical mall. These are a bit far for me to visit often, as they’re both in the downtown San Diego area.