From the beginning, PayPerPost has had an offer to pay people who brought in bloggers who actually complete a post. But they’ve improved it now.

The original payment was $5 and the signup had to put in your email address. Pretty clunky, and no motivation for the signup to actually note that you were their referrer. Don’t have to do it that way anymore.

You can see it off to the right here on this blog… might have to scroll down a little but it is there. Click on that, sign up with PayPerPost and yes, I get paid. $15. Nice improvement over $5.

I’ve been enjoying paid blogging quite a bit. It’s not the best money I’ve earned online, but it’s been the easiest and probably the most definite. All I have to do is write good posts about the particular topics, leave them up for 30 days and get paid for it. Oh, and put an unpaid post between each paid one. That can be pretty important.