It’s been a while since I discussed on this site how things are going with PayPerPost.

Quick version: Great!

Long version: While I haven’t posted as many opportunities as I might have liked on my blog, I have done quite a number. I’ve earned about $700-800 in the past few months.

I have it set up on a few of my blogs now, and I created a few more that just need to age. These will give me more flexibility while still being fun blogs to maintain. Have to keep it interesting or I know I won’t do it, after all. I should also be able to monetize them other ways.

The number of opportunities was way, way down for a while, but now it’s back up quite nicely. I had one of my best days with them the other day, earning over $60 for 7 posts across 4 blogs.

One of the challenges is balancing earnings with relevance to my sites with post quality with time with paying attention to my kids. I hope that doesn’t sound too complex.

These days, having had to go down to being a one car family because we can’t afford to fix mine or replace it, I post to help pay off the credit cards so that we feel comfortable replacing that car of mine. I can live without it, but it makes a lot of things very difficult. I can’t run errands until my husband gets home. He has to drive during his job sometimes, so I can’t just drive him to work unless there is a serious need for me to take the car.

Yes, that’s some pretty good motivation for me to keep blogging, blogging, blogging.