persistence pays off

One of the keys to success for any work at home mom or dad is persistence. You need it to find the right way to earn money, whether it’s a job or a business. You need it to work through all the distractions and frustrations. If you aren’t persistent, you probably aren’t going to make working at home work.

We had a fun reminder of that this past week. My kids were off with my sister and my mom. The day before they left, we had seen a pair of polydactyl (6-8 toes on the front paws) kittens at the shelter where we volunteer. The kids wanted them badly, which happens about every other week, but those times I’ve asked in the past, the landlord said no pets, unless they were outdoors only.

I decided to ask again while the kids were gone. I marshaled my arguments, especially on why we would not accept that the cats had to be outdoors only – we have a serious coyote problem here and know of at least 3 animals, probably pets, which have been killed by predators on our property. Outdoors only isn’t fair to the cats around here.

It finally paid off and the landlord agreed we could have the kittens. It was so much fun planning that kind of a surprise for the kids while they were gone. They even asked about about the kittens when we were driving home from my mom’s, and I was able to honestly say that I had checked on them at the shelter, and they were still there. Of course, they came home with me at that point, but I didn’t tell the kids that.

Sometimes working at home takes that kind of persistence. You seek out ways beyond the “no.” This kind of persistence can be overdone and annoying, of course – this was only our third attempt over the course of five years. If I had asked the landlord as often as the kids asked me, I think he would have been more annoyed than anything.

Persistence takes many forms beyond that, of course. A part of it is knowing what your goals are. It’s hard to get somewhere when you don’t know where you’re going. Don’t limit yourself strictly by dollar amounts, of course. You may need to earn a certain amount to make a living, but that’s probably not your only goal for your career. Choose goals that make it easier to be persistent.

You should also be persistent in any research you need to do for your work, whether it’s research about a potential employer or about the kind of business you’re running, or how to better market a home business.

There will be times when it’s harder to be persistent – no matter how much you love your work in general, sometimes motivation wears down. Still, you have to find your way to keep working toward your goals, even when it’s difficult. Giving up is the one sure way for something not to work.

And if anyone is wondering, the kittens are River Song and Melody Pond. Got some fair Whovians here.