I saw this tweeted by eMom about PETA trying to get Ben & Jerry’s to switch to breast milk for their ice cream. Obviously just another publicity ploy, which is about all they ever seem to accomplish, but for once I’ll take the bait.

A stupid notion at best. You just have to look at how hard it is to get human breast milk for babies in NICU, and how many mothers struggle with production anyhow to realize that this is ridiculous.

Hey, I’m pregnant and planning on breastfeeding. Of course this idea annoys me.

So far as I’m concerned, there are very few uses I would allow my breastmilk to be put to. The first is obviously to feed my child. As I have so far always been one of the lucky ones able to produce excess, the rest I hope to donate to a milk bank so that it is available for babies who need it.

Not for ice cream.