I can hardly wait to upgrade… but I will!

I use the phpBB software on the forum here on this site, but I’m not upgrading quite yet. Just waiting until I have enough time to play with it and test it, so that when I make changes they’re as seamless as possible.

Not to mention this version apparently won’t work with the current theme. I’d like to puzzle out my customizations in the background, rather than mess things up in a place where it might be inconvenient for my users.

The feature list is quite good. They really put in some great additions that you had to use other forum software for before. They even had an outside security company check it over.

I’ll probably start working on this in 1-2 weeks. I want to do it soon, but I have some other things to get out of the way first, and I don’t know if modding it to match the rest of the site adequately will be fast or slow.

If you like it, you can get the information on it and download through this link.

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