Pine Cone and Cotton Owl Decoration

It has been a long time since I posted a kids’ craft, but one we did at my daughter’s preschool this week is too cute to resist. As one of the other parents there noted, it’s not often you make a decoration that’s appropriate for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This little guy really works for all of those. He’s also really easy to make.

Pine Cone and Cotton Owl


Pine cone – open enough to stuff cotton into
Cotton balls
Popsicle stick
Yellow construction paper
Black construction paper
Orange construction paper


Take a handful of cotton balls and stretch them out. You want the cotton really loose. Kids enjoy this part. How much you need depends on the size of your pine cone.

Holding the pine cone carefully (some are spiky), wrap the stretched out cotton around it. Stuff the cotton into the pine cone using a popsicle stick. Use less cotton if you want a more brown owl, more if you want him more white.

Cut two circles out of the yellow construction paper. Size will depend on the size of your owl, but ours are about the size of a quarter. Cut two smaller circles out of the black construction paper. Cut a triangle out of the orange construction paper for a beak.

Glue the black circles onto the yellow to make eyes, then glue to the owl. Glue the beak beneath the eyes. Allow to dry.

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