Charades is an oldie, but goodie, and fun for a wide range of ages. Have everyone come up with a range of ideas for others to act out, and write them down on individual scraps of paper, then put them in a container.

Separate into teams, and have one person pull out an idea. The person who drew out the name needs to act out whatever is written on the paper without using words, for their teammates to guess. Give a 2-3 minute time limit for this to be done.

You can keep score based on how quickly each item is correctly guessed, or by the most right guesses made by a team.

If young kids are playing, you’ll need to make sure that the ideas are something the kids will understand. You could even have someone from the other team tell a child who is too young to read what their clue is in a separate room, and hope they don’t shout it out right away. All part of the challenge.