Despite the fact that my blog did continue to add posts (prewritten, for those who were wondering), I was on vacation for about a week recently. Lots of family fun, got to see lots of relatives I haven’t seen in many years, got to meet my sister’s new baby too.

All around, a very nice vacation. There wasn’t even the temptation to work most nights, since most of the time we spent the night at my grandparent’s place. No internet connection there. Not even a computer.

OK, so my dad was visiting and he had his laptop with him. I didn’t touch it.

Vacations are very nice, but they can really drive home some of the things you need to get under control when you take a look at the things that pile up. I don’t mean things like mail – we had the post office hold it for us. Email on the other hand…

The amount of non-spam email one of my accounts had really brought home that I have a lot of newsletters I need to unsubscribe from. There are an awful lot that are simply a waste of time. They advertise other people’s products while providing little to no useful information on their own. I don’t need that and I don’t read them.

I had my sister watch my forum here on this site while I was gone, so all I had to do was scan through and reply to posts as appropriate.

It amazes me how easily time wasters can sneak in. Deleting all those unread newsletters doesn’t seem to take long at the time, and since I just deleted most unread when I came home from vacation, they didn’t take long then either, but they do take time that I could be using more wisely.

Perhaps my biggest challenge after a vacation is simply getting everything unpacked and put away. It’s just so easy to plunge back into work and ignore the clutter from the suitcases.

My time management style is still pretty fluid. My kids are young yet, so for me that’s for the best. However, I am steadily finding ways to do things in a more efficient manner, so that I waste less time, get more done while still having more fun time with the kids. It’s not easy running a home business, but it is fun for me.

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