I was reading the article Overcome Frustration to Reach Work-At-Home Success at Sparkplugging WAHM 2.0 and thinking about how very true the points it makes are. Working at home is a struggle, not the road to easy riches so many people think it is.

I see so much of that when people ask me questions on this site. There’s this horrible, pervasive notion that working at home means riches, if only you find the right opportunity.

I wish! Oh, how I wish!

I’ve had many people ask me what the best way to earn the most money from home is. Thing is, there’s no one answer. Oh, I suppose I could feed them a line about this program or that with promises of lots of easy money, but I’d be lying. It doesn’t happen that way.

Which way is success?

It’s waaaay over there in the distance. You get to it by picking the right opportunity for you and working hard, possibly for years.