Another week of Reading and Writing Together class, and lots more fun. Wasn’t sure we were going to make it this week, since I don’t have a car anymore, my mother who normally helps out was sick, my inlaws had to pick company up at the airport, and the one sister who still lives in the area has her kids in a different class at the same time.

Fortunately, one of my sisters and her fiancee were in town visiting, so they were able to watch Gage and loan me a car. Phew!

“Rhymers will be readers; it’s that simple” – Mem Fox

That was one of the quotes they emphasized this week. The idea is that children who are good at rhymes are more aware of phonemes (word sounds), which helps in reading.

Rhyming games are encouraged. One we played was to have an object in a bag, and give clues including what words the item rhymes with. Obviously you need more than that to make the guessing easy, but it’s a great way to encourage rhyming. Ariel still sometimes has trouble understanding that rhyming has to do with the end of the words, not the beginning, but she got it over time.

Another recommendation is to read repetitive books. This encourages participation and makes it easy for you to point out words that will become more recognizable as they repeat throughout the story.

Nursery rhymes are also great for this. Ariel had a lot of fun acting out Little Miss Muffet and Jack Be Nimble.

Crossing the midline of the body was encouraged. The kids learned the Macarena, as that has plenty of crossing over movements. A slower version of this is encouraged, and I understand it can be found online.

Fine motor control was also once again worked on. The kids used staplers and hole punches, which are challenging to use at that age. They also made bracelets and necklaces from strings and things like Cheerios and Fruit Loops, as well as with beads.

There was a very fun game based on a book called Pete’s a Pizza. Basically you put your child through the process of becoming a pizza… kneading the dough, tossing it (I rocked Ariel back and forth in my arms), putting on the toppings (shredded paper, buttons, checkers, etc.), putting it in the oven (well, couch anyhow), and slicing the pizza. Very fun and very easy to take pictures and make your own version.

We also received a list of recommended books, which I’m going to create my own version of and post later.

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