The holiday season’s traditional kickoff days are rapidly approaching. The day after Thanksgiving is huge for retailers in the real world, while online the Monday following is far better. The beauty of it if you’re trying to save money is that a lot of retailers offer special deals to encourage you to shop on those days.

Now, I’m no fan of shopping anytime on Thanksgiving weekend. Six years in retail took all interest in that out of me. Fortunately many good deals are available online and today I thought I would try to find some of them for you, knowing that parents have a lot of people to shop for., for example, has a sale on Black Friday only. As they say, no waiting in line, which has to be a good thing. They also have a Thanksgiving sale that is going on now through November 26, 2007 on various housewares.

If you or someone you know needs software, Adobe has a page with all their current special offers on it. Right now Adobe Photoshop Elements has a $25 discount and free shipping, for example. has MP3 Players under $100, a deal that expires 11/30/07. They also have 10% off Amazon’s prices on over 900,000 books.

If you like to get creative with your gifts and share photographs, Photoworks now has 10% off your entire order if you enter the coupon code PW10OFF.


The LEGO website is offering free shipping on orders of $99 or more, which is probably pretty easy if you have a few kids to shop for. I’m just delighted that my daughter is finally big enough to think about getting her the smaller LEGO bricks, even if I don’t look forward to stepping on them!

You can also visit Brookstone’s holiday gifts page for great holiday deals. My husband loves wandering through Brookstone any chance he gets, and pretty much feels that I could buy him anything there and he’d like it. Not quite, but it’s pretty close.

There are of course many more deals out there, and plenty of sites willing to tell you all about them. Hopefully there will be some deals on the things you’re looking for this holiday season.

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