Resume Writing – Weekly Home Business Idea

How does your resume look? Do family and friends as you to help them get their resume in order when they’re job hunting? Why not make a business out of resume writing?

Skills Required

The ability to write a great resume is the most obvious skill required. This includes being able to slant a particular resume so that it emphasizes the skills for a particular job, not just writing a generic resume.

You should also be able to write a good cover letter and maybe even help people learn how to hunt for a job. The more range you can offer job seekers, the more you can earn.

You will need to be able to draw out from people what their skills really are. Not everyone will be thorough enough in listing their skills in whatever baseline resume they give you. A good resume writer can ask questions to learn about more skills and maybe even experiences that should be listed.

Common Expenses

You’ll need your computer and internet connection, of course, plus Microsoft Word or other word processing software. These days a domain name and hosting are pretty much a given, as these will allow you to get clients from all over, rather than just locally.

You should also get business cards and flyers that describe your services so that you can target locals. The internet is a wonderful thing for home businesses, but that does not mean you should neglect the potential that local business brings.

Possible Income Streams

Your primary income will of course be your resume writing services. You can add in fees as relevant to writing cover letters and job hunt assistance.

You should also be aware that some job boards offer small commissions for people to post their resumes on them. While these affiliate programs won’t generate much, it’s a little something.

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