It was a really, really long night last night. Not for a fun reason, unfortunately.

  1. Went to bed around 12:20 am, after working late and enjoying the peace and quiet. Sucker.
  2. 1:15 am: son woke up. Said he fell out of bed and needed a snuggle.
  3. Keep him in bed with me for a while. He’s unusually well behaved. Wonder if I should just leave him there. Considering the rest of the night, the answer probably should have been ‘yes’.
  4. 1:25 am: tried to put him back to bed.
  5. He says he had to go potty. Ah, the delights of potty training.
  6. ~3 am: he’s up again. Husband’s turn, so of course son starts screaming for Mommy. But eventually he goes back down.
  7. Start dreaming that he got up again and started watching Schoolhouse Rock. This dream is of course interuppted by…
  8. 3:45: “Me go potty.”
  9. 4 something or other: Yup, he’s up again!
  10. 7 am: Daughter is up. Snuggles for a little while, then goes to watch television.
  11. 7:30: Son is up. Wants breakfast, now! A pickle, to be specific.
  12. Then an apple. I’m still trying to doze, despite its being impossible with the kids up.
  13. I do eventually give in, get up and stay up. Warn the kids that I’m really, really tired today and need their best behavior. Yawn!

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