Do You Have a Slogan for Your Home Business?

I get talking about business sometimes with my oldest. She’s really curious about what I do and about what other businesses do. Sometimes she doesn’t approve of what she sees other businesses doing, mostly with logos and slogans. She’s very opinionated about those, and like many kids her age doesn’t like it when a familiar logo or slogan changes.

But many home businesses don’t have a slogan at all. It’s a small thing, but it can be a help to your business to have a slogan. A slogan is a great branding tool, something to keep your business in the mind of potential customers. You want a slogan that’s memorable and describes your business well. What goes into a good slogan?

1. To the point.

A slogan shouldn’t be long. You may not even need a complete sentence. Make your slogan too long and it won’t be as attractive to customers. It should neatly describe some aspect of your home business to potential customers, something that will encourage them to do business with you.

2. Memorable.

With all the competition out there, a good slogan is one more way to make your home business more memorable.

Don’t assume that funny=memorable. It can, but if your slogan is memorable for the wrong reasons it won’t bring in customers. People will remember the slogan, but not the business it belongs to.

3. Includes Your Business Name.

Not all great slogans include the business name, but it’s a help if yours does. Your business is probably pretty small, and anything that makes it more memorable is a good thing. A slogan without a business name won’t bring people back as easily.

4. Builds Brand Identity.

Your slogan should help people to connect more to what your brand is all about. It should be something that customers will relate to.

Don’t make wild claims about your business in your slogan. You don’t want the thing people associate your brand with to be unbelievable claims. It should be something that your business can live up to.

You can brainstorm your slogan by considering words you would use to describe your business. If you need to write sentences or phrases as you think, do so, then cut out the excess to find the words that best describe your business. Make sure you consider the benefits your business offers to customers, not just what you want from your business for yourself. Customers won’t relate to your desires for your business – they relate to what they want from a business.

As you consider your slogan, think about some of the slogans you remember best and consider what about them makes them memorable. You may be able to apply some of that to your own unique business slogan.

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