Sneaking Vegetables into Your Family's Diet

Most families will at one point or another deal with someone who doesn’t want to eat their vegetables. It’s not always the kids either. Sometimes it’s the husband. Sometimes the wife too, I suppose, although I haven’t met many women who don’t eat vegetables.

I’ve been pretty lucky so far with my own children. Everyone does pretty well with vegetables. My kids often take them as snacks. My husband can be a bit more challenging, as he’ll gladly skip the veggies and go for the meat, but all I have to do is remind him he’s setting the example and he’ll eat what I put in front of him.

But there are some tricks to get your kids to eat veggies they don’t particularly care for. One of my simplest techniques is to simply make a sauce for stir fried vegetables, a kind my kids really like. I’ve noticed that kids who like vegetables pretty well will eat them even faster with a good sauce. You can also use catsup or salad dressing to encourage kids to eat their vegetables.

Zucchini bread is another favorite, especially if the garden has been overly productive that year. Not a problem we had this year, unfortunately, as a heat wave destroyed many of the plants in our garden this time around. But one year we had a neighbor give us a zucchini that was probably a foot and a half long. Vegetables that big often have poor flavor, so that one was ideal for zucchini bread.

Broccoli goes great with macaroni and cheese. The harder it is to get the kids to eat it, the smaller you need to chop it. You can chop it really fine fairly easily.

Carrots go well grated into all kinds of food. You can add them to spaghetti sauce or any other kind of sauce. You can also blend frozen spinach into sauces.

In case you haven’t spotted the theme here yet, sauce is a great way to get your kids into their vegetables. Depending on how challenging your child is, you can just put a sauce on the veggies or chop or grate the vegetables into small enough pieces that your child won’t notice.

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