I am not at all surprised to announce the demise of AGLOCO. John Chow posted about it on his blog, after having promoted it heavily.

While I’m filing this under scams, it’s more sham than an actual scam. Maybe they’ll sell their list or something, I don’t know, but you only lost money on this if you chose to promote your links in a way that cost you money.

Time lost, on the other hand, may have been significant.

I had considered joining AGLOCO early on, not so much out of faith that the business model would somehow work this time, but for an inside view of how these things work. I eventually decided against it.

The business model has failed many times, and if it comes up again, I expect it will fail again. It doesn’t matter how much the Internet grows, the advertisers won’t be getting enough money from advertising on that kind of a network to make it worth the surfers’ while. And that’s why these things fail.

It’s a basic example of “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

Earning money from home is rarely easy. A few people hit it lucky and have the lifestyle everyone else wants, but most have to work hard for it. Long hours, and often a long time with poor earnings. But if you do your research and don’t give up easily, it is possible to find ways to earn money online. But don’t go for the promises of easy. It probably won’t be.

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