Tomorrow’s the last day to enter the Halloween Costume Contest here on my site, and I have something like two entrants, both regulars on the forum. Well, it was a nice try and we’ll have to see how the voting goes.

Maybe these guys will have better luck with their contest. The FeedCycle Twelve days of Christmas competition looks pretty interesting for those into RSS feeds.

Standard RSS feeds keep you current on what’s happening on a site, like the feed to this blog. A cyclic feed sends entries in order to a feed reader.

The idea behind this contest is that you create a cyclic feed relating to the 12 Days of Chrismas song. You can parody it or find a way to work it in. Just has to be related. First prize is pretty nice… $500. You have to include at least 3 items, although given the nature of the song, I’d say 12 is far more appropriate. Maybe that’s just me.
There’s no cost to enter, although you do have to use FeedCycle’s service. However, the basic version is free and looks nicely flexible. You don’t even have to promote what you create, although if I took the time to create a 12 Days of Christmas feed I know I’d be making mention of it.